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Conquering The Rapids

Five years ago, my friends introduced me to the sport of kayaking and rafting. It was a very slow learning process because I had to learn the different parts of a kayak, the different parts of a river, and even the different kinds of rapids. My friends and I went on kayaking excursions at least once a month, but it was also a problem on our end because most of our cars cannot hold a wooden or fibre-glass kayak. All that changed when we got our hands on inflatable kayaks. They were probably the best inventions in the realm of kayaking.


My friends and I got 2 brands of inflatable kayaks; the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak, and the AdvancedFrame Inflatable kayak. These inflatable kayaks have a weight capacity of 400lbs. and 300lbs. respectively. It takes only 6 to 8 minutes to inflate and deflate both of them, and they both have the same builds. What sets them apart is the material used to make them. The Sea Eagle Kayak is made from a tear-resistant polykylar material, while the AdvancedFrame Kayak is made from PVC Tarpaulin. On my end, the Sea Eagle Kayak is more durable because it does not damaged when exposed to UV rays, unlike the AdvancedFrame.


Both of these inflatable kayaks can seat two fully grown adult passengers, but the Sea Eagle Kayak is able to hold a lot more than the AdvancedFrame. On the other hand, the Sea Eagle Kayak is also lighter than the AdvancedFrame. When deflated, the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak weighs at 26lbs. while the AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak weighs at 30lbs. Both of them can easily fit the trunk of your car, and they are also approved to run CLASS III white-waters by the NMMA. On the topic of price, the Sea Eagle is a lot more expensive than the AdvancedFrame, but every penny is worth it for these two amazing kayaks.






Enjoy An Event Minus The Preparation Stress

We have all heard the phrase “WORK HARD AND PARTY HARDER”, and this usually applies to me and my friends. Every couple of weeks, we make it a point to have an amazing LAN and food party at one of our places, and just sit back and relax. When we are not kayaking or braving the rapids, we are usually seated in front of our televisions with controllers in hand. One of my friends has a mild OCD, and when it is his turn to organize the party, he has this party planning checklist that he cannot live without. Allow me to share it with you.


The first item on the checklist is the theme of the party. By theme, it usually means the games that we will be playing for that night. For example, if it is racing night, we would be playing the latest Need For Speed game, or Project Gotham Racing. If it was fight night, it would either be Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or the new Street Fighter vs. Tekken. The second item on the list is food. Since the party is composed of men, we do not hire caterers. We only order 3 to 4 boxes of pizza, bottles of Mountain Dew and Bud Light, and some tasty finger food like Buffalo Chicken Wings.


The third item on the list is the number of people involved or invited. This usually matters because it would affect your second item on the list, as well as the venue. On our end, there are only 10 of us who are present in these parties, and apartments are big enough to accommodate all of us. In short, your party planning checklist should have the theme of your party, the food for your party, and the number of people invited to the party. If you follow this simple checklist like we do, you will have no problem in organizing parties, big and small.






The Importance of Having A Checklist

Checklists are important in any aspect of your life, whether it is a party planning checklist, or a checklist of the ideal inflatable kayaks that you want to purchase. Checklists exist to make planning a whole lot easier because it allows us to keep track of the things that we need to do, acquire, or things to look out for. For example, your mother may have her own grocery list every time she goes out to the grocery store. The list will keep her away from impulse buying, and she will be done faster with her groceries than people who never managed to create one


On my end, I keep a checklist of things to buy, and the features that I want. For example, before I purchased the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak, I had a small checklist of features that I want from inflatable kayaks. It helped me narrow down my choices because there were some kayaks which did not have features on my list, so I was able to save some time and effort. On another note, I also had a separate checklist when I bought a new PC a month ago. Instead of going for a bundled package, I decided to have a checklist of the parts that I want for my rig, and I was able to save $200. You see, checklists are essential and it is important that you make it a habit of making them.


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